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By , November 19, 2017 4:11 am

Harbin billion in 213 projects completed investment of 20 billion 30 million yuan to reporters from the municipal development and Reform Commission was informed that from 1 to July, the effectiveness of Harbin industrial projects significantly. The city’s actual opened more than 5 million yuan of industrial projects 774, an increase of 210. Among them, the city opened the billion yuan industrial projects 213, completed an investment of 20 billion 30 million yuan. Construction of large projects not only accelerate the pace of industrial restructuring in Harbin, but also to enhance the city’s industrial level and functional quality. Big project pulling effect significantly this year, the city’s 204 key projects to promote the city, plans to invest $30 billion 810 million. 7 months ago, the city opened the billion yuan industrial projects 213, invested 20 billion 30 million yuan, accounted for 63.4% and 27.5% of the total project. A total investment of 30 billion yuan Wanda culture travel city project investment 3 billion 250 million yuan, the smooth progress of the construction of sports culture; Poseidon city project investment 1 billion 340 million yuan, completed ahead of the annual investment plan; Changan Ford automobile Harbin passenger car production base project was invested 1 billion 600 million yuan, to the year the first line. In the industrial project driven by the first half of the city’s investment in fixed assets grew by 8.1%, according to the local tax revenue can be increased by 13.4% than the caliber, achieved operating efficiency for the construction industry and enterprise double growth, build a strong foundation for economic stabilization. Transformation of industrial projects into a new energy industry projects to accelerate the pace of industrial restructuring in Harbin. In more than 21 billion yuan of industrial projects, strategic emerging industry projects, a total investment of 6 billion 960 million yuan, respectively, accounting for more than 100 million yuan in the total number of projects and 34.7% of the total of $45.1% and $96. Red large size sapphire industry base, Yuanheng animal vaccine, in seven, three aircraft dismantling, the gas turbine industry park of emerging industries such as mobile data center, the smooth progress of the project, the completion of these projects will be extended in Harbin industrial chain, expand the scale of industrial clusters, promote and accelerate the formation of new energy. It is understood that, through the continuous implementation of innovation driven strategy, improve the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, the city’s high-tech enterprises reached 432, driven by the city’s high-tech industry added value in the first half grew by 7%. To speed up the construction of gorgeous Pacific Plaza, the mass of the intelligent road to Hong Kong, Harbin Grand Theatre and other modern service industry projects, will further enhance the level of city industry and city function quality. At present, Hanan industrial city of high-end equipment, green food and electronic information, high-tech science and Technology Innovation City Limin Development Zone, bio medicine, modern packaging industry development zone Binxi has presented the trend of cluster development. Harbin Industrial Park Construction in accordance with the planning, capacity and production integration of the city development ideas, strictly follow the industrial layout and the park function falls project, further the development of industry aggregation, resource sharing, complementary advantages, distinctive industry development new pattern of initial formation. Cluster development to promote the development of elements of the industry more concentrated, key Park carrying capacity continued to improve. Construction projects to enhance the attractiveness of the city with great shopping center, Haining Leather City, Tallahassee Wanda commercial.相关的主题文章:

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