Good neighbor cheated a year old boy in Ruian provincial police rescue hit5杨帆

By , November 19, 2017 4:11 am

"Good neighbor" cheated a year old boy in Ruian provincial police rescue busy work, Guizhou Ji couple small Teng (a pseudonym) will be the 1 year old son Hsuan (a pseudonym) entrusted to the "good" neighbors, fellow Tang care. Unexpectedly, Tang took his son with missing. After 7 days of fast track, Wenzhou Ruian police in Fujian Longyan will finally find tang. In November 11th, on suspicion of the crime of child abduction, detention and arrest by tang. Small Teng and her husband are the people of Guizhou. A few years ago, the two came to Ruian hard, life is more difficult. A year ago, two people blessed with a son, in order to make a living, two people are busy working to make money, no time to care of son lucas. While the "good" and willing to help take care of neighbors Tang hsuan. Tang’s careful, two people look in the eyes. In the course of contacts, two people of Tang is trust. Therefore, when Tang proposed in September 2nd to bring to the "Fujian Hsuan relatives" playing at home, small Teng safely agreed. But I did not expect to go to the Tang, and gradually no news. At first, but also contact, not a few days lost contact. In October 17th, finally Fangxinbuxia small Teng went straight to buy a ticket to the Tang of the so-called "Fujian family". May ask, only to find that Tang did not go back. In October 28th, small Teng to the Ruian police the police. After the alarm, Ruian Public Security Bureau quickly set up a task force to investigate. The ad hoc group by monitoring a means of investigation, found that Tang is likely to bring Xiaoxuan fled to Fujian city of Longyan province Yongding county. November 3rd, Ruian police immediately rushed to Longyan. In support of the local police, the Ruian police station, village, in-depth field terminal carpet investigation, finally in the afternoon of November 4th, at a local coal company staff quarters and arrested the suspect Tang Hsuan, safe rescue. That night, small Teng fly to Longyan, and Xiaoxuan reunion. At present, Tang has not yet explained the reason and motivation of kidnapping. Police are still under investigation.相关的主题文章:

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