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By , November 19, 2017 4:11 am

VR lighting and happy union possible?? at present, VR has two means of realization of the mainstream, one is the consumption level of wearable VR devices has been in hot pursuit of the market, the other is a projection, image projection on the big screen in the virtual world experience immersed in the projection. VR? How much is the fire? Globocrats are ready?? in 2016, the first year of VR. This definition of "reign", is the global technology industry heavyweights together under. VR there are many   red hot  ? It is no exaggeration to describe this phenomenon as "in a complete mess". ?? In the past few months, a number of large technology companies are investing in VR and AR?? Facebook commercial launch virtual reality headset glasses;?? Daydream VR platform Google released earlier in I O Conference;?? Apple has set up VR research team is secretly at home;?? the company also launched Iqiyi not resigned to playing second fiddle;?? VR channel, part of the contents of available VR devices to watch;?? no worries I launched VR real showings;?? play mango variety show TV VR, on-line VR area;?? Tencent VR plan, known as the "no less than the next WeChat";? Ma? "The creator God" plan, to create "Buy + VR" shopping;?? VR general manager revealed that millet millet VR is expected to be launched in August;?? the Nanchang municipal government launched the world’s first city level virtual reality industry. ?? Because the VR technology provides incomparable immersive experience and sense of substitution, the user becomes a participant from a bystander in   therefore, professional audio, radio and television, movies, games and other   many areas are widely respected. However, VR in a variety of applications can not be separated from the needs of large screen display, better picture quality effect of the LED display, no doubt to enhance the user experience of VR products, played a significant role. ? LED display and VR can combine happiness? The birth of VR technology, LED companies can be one of the biggest beneficiaries. The reason is that it can be, because it has a certain inherent advantages in addition to the field, the combination of the two, there are still a variety of obstacles. Technology and experience, first of all, from the perspective of the VR AR industry chain, the display of the most basic and most important hardware facilities. LED display, especially small pitch LED display, always have   high resolution, no seam display, natural and true shape and flexible   and equipped with touch display a good reputation, the absolute theory can bring first-class visual experience. Indeed, LED display as a terminal display products, and VR technology industry in the interactive experience, media, advertising, education, theater and other aspects can be fully integrated. ?? But there are also professionals have pointed out that the VR device is difficult to control quality, currently on the market launch of the product, see the 3 minutes will feel a headache, so VR device panel must be less than the ultra high definition (UHD) OLED (about 500ppi) more than 3 times, in order to eliminate glare and halo. Small spacing is not mechanical相关的主题文章:

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