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Beware of children get together for a cold, children’s hospital to pull up early warning – Sohu maternal and child last week, Hangzhou, a primary school broke out of the news, it seems that this year’s cold was particularly fierce. Graphic: a class of 30 students, 12 fever in Guangzhou, the cold is also particularly fierce. These two days, Guangzhou City, the temperature dropped sharply, the children’s hospital patients to increase the number, according to CDC bulletin, winter flu menacing, recent monitoring shows that the current Guangzhou flu like cases accounted for the proportion of outpatient cases over the same period last year rose 2. Guangzhou city hospital outpatient department overcrowding, medical residents, the majority of patients with colds, especially in children. Why are there so many children cold autumn season transform period is the peak period of the winter cold, not only against the elderly, children, patients with chronic diseases such as poor people vulnerable to infection and disease, previously healthy young adults may also stay up late due to exhaustion, and other factors lead to decreased resistance and move. Children every day in crowded schools, kindergartens and other places, a cold, the bacteria immediately spread, induced cold. We know that low temperature does not cause a cold have a fever the murderer, the murderer is caused by a cold virus. Most viruses that cause colds are spread through the air. Children’s resistance is weak, if people around the sick, the probability of a cold will be greatly increased. Children’s "cold", should be sent to hospital at once? The child is sick, anxious parents are eager to send their children to the hospital, let him early step away from disease. But Guangzhou city children’s doctor doctors have said: the child is cold, cold early, if only a runny nose, sneezing, fever, slight cough, not recommended to send a hospital immediately, so as not to aggravate the disease cross infection. How is the most effective prevention and treatment of cold children is at a developmental stage, health is the basis for the healthy development of the autumn and winter, alternately, as exogenous diseases cold, easily repeated, ignore or inappropriate medication, easily lead to recurrent children, health effects. Most colds are caused by viruses. The cold early breeding season of influenza virus, is also the best period of cold treatment, the prevention and treatment should be parallel, avoid to more people, the virus breeding places, to avoid cross infection, the flu virus increased sharply. "Cold" period, that is, the early cold, can let the child to ventilated place, pay attention to keep warm, eat some foods rich in vitamin C. Yuexiu District children’s hospital doctors, as a cold stage, you can take Antiviral Oral-Liquid and other preventive drugs to prevent colds, reduce the occurrence of various types of concurrent symptoms. Pure traditional Chinese medicine to prevent colds, the elderly can be assured that the use of the elderly at home.   相关的主题文章:

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