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By , November 19, 2017 1:08 am

"I do not speak the truth, the truth will be" EVA – Sohu | party to be the mother to speak the truth, this is the basic rule for everyone identity. A misunderstanding for parents is easy to go, listen to their children, regardless of the situation, if the stars are from many reasons, with several fishing in their favor, forcing the children to obey. Once in the restaurant, the next table is a family with a little girl to eat, the little girl is probably the first full interest is very high, suddenly to sing, their voice is very good, very bright and fine, the whole restaurant heard mother embarrassed, hurriedly: "Miao Miao, the little girl sat down don’t sing, don’t fuss in public places." The little girl is very obedient, stop quietly playing cup and saucer, aside for a while, I do not know how to clean up spilled juice, the waiter came, see the lovely little girl by the way a few years have to go to school what ah, the child replied in a low voice, mother immediately criticized: "talk to enunciate a good answer questions extremely elegant and valuable, aunt, not timid." The little girl looked blank, I do not know whether the loud or low voice. Have a similar experience when I was young, I remember one year, my cousin is summer, she bought a new bike ride out pink and I play together, country road, is the breath of light earth, wind, water sound fields of Qing Yue bright, imperceptibly had forgotten the time, back is nine points the mother picked up the broom is a beaten: which girl was still out crazy? Is it dangerous to know? What about the matter?" After a period of time, probably late at night just seven points, the sky is light black, my mother suddenly let me go to relatives to send something, I looked outside the sky, said: "Mom, dark danger, go back tomorrow." My mother is an understatement: "face only seven what danger, let you go, don’t make excuses." I have to go to the scalp. You just casually said, but the children may learn a "how to say all right" skills, the truth as the palace eunuch brand tray, according to their own needs, which wants to turn over which. Some of the common people in our lives, when most people do not agree with his opinion, he said "the truth in the hands of a few people, when others disagree with him when he said," the majority ", when he is in need of help, he said" ready to help others is a traditional virtue in China people, when he did not want to help others when he said, "love is the lack of accomplishment trouble others performance, he failed, he said:" failure is the mother of success ", others have failed, he said" poor people must be hateful"…… We don’t want our kids to be like that. We need to learn to be unreasonable if we want our children to be reasonable". Don’t put the truth situation casually carried out the lessons of the child, but to teach children, the reason why, in what circumstances speak. For example, the little girl, when she was singing loudly, if her mother told her, baby, you see, the restaurant’s aunts and uncles are quietly eating, chatting with friends -相关的主题文章:

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