Jay Chou 9.29 live magic throne massive welfare gift fans game player 下北glory days

By , November 19, 2017 1:08 am

Jay Chou 9.29 live magic throne massive welfare gifts fans Jay Chou 9.29 live Magic game player throne massive welfare gifts fans that game player, Jay Chou will be 29 this month again webcast! After the broadcast platform fire, as a series of stars have embarked on a webcast of the road, Chen, Lim Yoona, Lin update, and recently broadcast pepper Fan Bingbing, whether it is live games or ceremony or they are involved in a variety of activities in the broadcast platform. Jay Chou following the live hero alliance, is about to turn on the webcast again. [Jay Chou   live gifts; West Network for the big news] Jay Chou "hero alliance" live online at the same time more than 1700W, the influence of the music talented person in to be Chinese area is very strong. This broadcast means that Jay Chou is ready to be in music, director, actor, producer’s identity, the majority of fans to the image of the network output is unknown. But this is a live online hype, this and Jay Chou usual acting style does not match, the most likely scenario is the net swims on the West ("magic throne" publisher, Jay Chou endorsement) to use the power of the network broadcast once again set off a game player’s enthusiasm. The "magic throne" spokesperson Jay Chou poster [live links cited guess Jielun talent will detonate the fans] the Jay Chou live there will be what kind of links will interact and broadcast platform fans, this is the problem of the majority of fans look forward to working with the most concern. Is the live scene as a small Song friends? Is performing an occasional magic show? Or live interactive games with players? The answer is temporarily unknown, but I believe that no matter what will take what kind of interactive, easygoing, and somewhat funny Jielun must be to the scene and network audience brings a wonderful interactive live! Magic throne "spokesman Jay Chou Jay Chou poster [exclusive  " magic throne "in the broadcast or combined gifts] recent" magic throne "also introduced Jay Chou’s exclusive activities, if that is true, then in the broadcast, in addition to Jay Chou may send signature album, branded T-shirt, the game player is" magic throne "will get massive exclusive benefits. The "magic" throne of the Jay Chou live screenshots of the game will be officially opened in September 29th of 16:00, want to know more details, please continue to pay attention to this station. About the "magic throne": the "magic throne" is a journey network in 2016 launched a new web page and micro end 3D based role playing game (RPG), endorsement by Jay Chou. As a line with oriental aesthetic Western Fantasy online games, "magic throne" original incarnations two features and wing flight — three had turned a strong occupation, wing system open free flying leap of the battlefield, let the game player in the taste of pure magic Theme Charm at the same time, but also can enjoy the unique gaming experience hitherto unknown! On the journey to the West: Journey network is the most influential Chinese.相关的主题文章:

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