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By , November 19, 2017 1:02 am

Heilongjiang to further implement the general secretary will be the official launch of local leadership, people.com.cn original title on the spirit of our province to promote an important speech: the provincial government to further implement the general secretary Xi Jinping will be officially launched in September 10th on the morning of our province to promote the spirit of the important speech, the provincial government to further implement the general secretary Xi Jinping will be officially launched on the spirit of our province speech forward, provincial Party Secretary Wang Xiankui, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, governor Lu Hao and the participating comrades first went to Harbin and Daqing to conduct on-site inspection. This will promote by the provincial government decided to convene, to further implement the general secretary Xi Jinping important speech on the province, to promote the implementation of the "CPC Heilongjiang Provincial Committee on in-depth study and implement the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping to come out of Heilongjiang comprehensive revitalization new way of decision", vigorously carry forward the spirit of Daqing, the iron man spirit, the spirit of the Great Northern Wilderness do a good job, "three major articles", accelerate the construction of "Longjiang silk belt, interlocking, step by step, to ensure the development of the revitalization of Longjiang to see significant results. The promotion will be divided into two stages. The first phase of the main Harbin, Daqing, Suifenhe, Mu Leng, Mishan, on-site inspection. The second phase of the seminar will be held to focus on the deployment of related work. Du Yuxin, Huang Jiansheng, Chen Haibo, Hao Huilong, Yang?, Li Haitao, Li Lei, Sun Yao, Gan Rongkun, Feng Chun, Lv Weifeng, Fu Sun Yongbo, Hu Yafeng, Wang Aiwen, Song Xibin, the provincial government, municipalities (ground) and the Secretary of municipal Party committee, city mayor and the relevant provincial units responsible comrades attended the promotion meeting. 10 morning, the comrades attended the first comprehensive bonded area and Harbin international container center station. Comprehensive free trade zone with a total planned area of 3.29 square kilometers, is the future of our province to build free trade zone of the core area and the pilot area. International container terminal, container, special cargo and express operations in a railway company is planning one of the 18 railway container center station. Study everyone felt that the free trade zone and the central station construction and operation, the implementation of the "The Belt and Road" strategy for leveraging Harbin country, in the construction of "Mongolia Russia economic corridor of Heilongjiang sea Silk Road Economic Belt, create added new impetus to Russian cooperation in the center of the city, will truly become the province to boost service and the radiation of the Russian open bridgehead and the hub station". Then, comrades to seventh 0 China Shipbuilding Industry Corp three research institute, visited in a small gas turbine project, all of my province to implement the general secretary of the important requirements of optimization of industrial structure in Heilongjiang, seize the opportunity and heavy ship to carry out strategic cooperation, to seize the commanding heights of the high-end equipment manufacturing industry market by small and medium sized gas turbine as the representative of the proud and proud. In May 25th this year, the general secretary Xi Jinping in the province to study, has made a special trip to the Harbin science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship building and Harbin antiy technology company to investigate achievements and technology research and development etc.. Along the route taken by the general secretary, the participating comrades while walking to see, and the line and thinking, more determined to down-to-earth, pragmatic and technological innovation and high-tech industry to promote the development of the determination and confidence. According to the agenda of the meeting相关的主题文章:

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