LG this new washing machine can be a double wash at the same time the sale of 23900 yuan 索尼a350

By , November 17, 2017 10:52 pm

LG this new washing machine is a machine and double wash sale 23900 yuan telecommunications Tencent (Yan Can) August 25th news, LG electronics in Nanjing today released its new TWINWash high end washing machine double engine and Zhen net C3. Which is the characteristic of TWINWash has two independent washing system can work at the same time, the high-end market positioning, the price of 23900 yuan; and Zhen net C3 series is the main steam function, positioning the mainstream consumer market segment, the price of 4990 yuan, with a drying function is priced at 6890 yuan, the two products are already on sale in suning. LG TWINWash dual engine washing machine with two washing system, divided into the upper and lower roller wheel system of small capacity, can be synchronized to wash. Such as different colors, adult children, or the separation of internal and external laundry, while saving time, pay more attention to the health of laundry. The upper level of drum washing of 21 kg class, routinely wash for large amount of clothing, and small capacity impeller lower can be customized programs can be more efficient for washing, washing. LG net C3 series washing machine has the characteristics of "steam washing function, high temperature steam can produce small molecules to penetrate into the fabric, reduce clothing folds, to soften and smooth clothing, degerming and mites, which will hit 9 kg of large capacity market. In addition, the new washing machine according to the release of the LG are equipped with a DD inverter direct drive motor, which replaces the traditional belt drive, direct drive motor barrel, compared to before the more energy, more power, lower noise. At the same time can accurately control the current frequency, which can imitate the human knock, rub, squeeze, knead, shake, solution and other actions, to get better washing effect. With the continuous progress of appliance technology, upgrade of domestic consumption structure, the middle class more and more attention to the quality of household appliances and home appliances in detail, the replacement rate is further improved, Longmen (AVC) Aowei related data show that the ratio will reach 5.5% in 2016. At the same time, the relevant user survey data also show that 71% of the middle class is willing to pay the highest amount of high-end appliances in the amount of more than $5000. LG the new release of the washing machine is specifically aimed at the middle class consumer groups, hoping to shape its brand image in the Chinese market, to further seize the high-end market.相关的主题文章:

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