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Ming jewelry acquisition targets in Suzhou good housing shareholders equity transfer pinch point hot column capital flows thousands thousand comment stocks the latest rating simulated trading client diagnosis sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money each reporter Xie Hong Chen recently, many companies are the boss sell a house in survival, however, there are companies in the "buy a house" for development. The evening of September 27th, Ming jewelry (002574, the closing price of 13.04 yuan) announced that the planned acquisition of the real estate business platform Suzhou good housing 75% stake. Every investment treasure noted that before the company released the restructuring plan, in September 2016, Suzhou good home shareholders pinch point transfer of ownership of the good house in Suzhou. The results promised "price" according to Ming jewelry transaction disclosure plan, the company plans to share the price of 10.55 yuan to Suzhou good housing shareholders issued shares and pay cash to purchase its holdings of 75% stake in Suzhou good housing, preliminary determine the transaction price was 2 billion 400 million yuan. In addition, the company also plans to Yin Meijuan, Red Star furniture and other 10 investors non-public offering of shares to raise no more than 760 million yuan of funds for the payment of cash consideration of the transaction. The investment treasure note, Suzhou good housing is a real estate business platform, based on real estate transactions, relying on the Internet and the ability to integrate resources, through the online platform and offline marketing channel combination (O2O) method, to provide real estate trading platform service for real estate developers, real estate brokers, the second-hand housing buyers and sellers. Suzhou good house in the last two years of the first phase of the financial data show that in 2014, and in 2016 1~6 months, Suzhou good house were 4 million 798 thousand and 400 yuan net profit of $2 million 496 thousand and 400 and $81 million 507 thousand and 200. Ming jewelry said that through this acquisition, will effectively enhance the capacity for sustainable development of the company. In fact, Ming jewelry has a 25% stake in the transferee Suzhou good house in December 2015, when the counterparty has made a profit commitment. Thus in September 27th the announcement, the Suzhou good house stakeholders in the profit commitments in less than a year’s time will rise sharply. According to Ming jewelry December 28, 2015 announcement shows, profit commitment commitment: 2016~2018 years, the subject of the company net profit (the subject of the company consolidated net profit after deducting non recurring gains and losses attributable to owners of the parent company) were 180 million yuan, 250 million yuan and 320 million yuan. According to the company the release plan, the counterparty commitments, 2016~2019 years, the subject of the company audited the cumulative net profit after deducting non recurring gains and losses attributable to the parent company of not less than 190 million yuan, 440 million yuan, 760 million yuan and 1 billion 160 million yuan. Suzhou good house nearly 6 times the value of the investment treasure to pay attention to, Suzhou good house also received a higher valuation. In June 30, 2016 as a pre evaluation benchmark date, Suzhou good house is not audited attributable to the owner of the parent company’s equity of 4相关的主题文章:

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