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By , November 17, 2017 12:22 am

The United States Anti China organizations leaflets to Canada by the local people against racism – Sohu news [Global Times special correspondent in Canada lvou] recently, Canada’s two largest city of Toronto and Chinese communities in Vancouver have appeared to unite against the Chinese call white discrimination leaflets and posters from the mainstream media of the country and the Chinese media attention. According to the signature on the leaflets, payment actually is one of the main activities in the United States far right groups. Currently, the Canadian police have to investigate the matter as a hate crime. It is reported that in November 17th, some residents of the greater Vancouver area in the city of Victoria found in the mailbox and parked outside the car on the flyer. Write a leaflet "white stand in bold! Chinese is over (city)!" next to a Yao Ming cartoon avatar and China flag in the star pattern. Leaflets said that the Chinese people more and more is the result of white people are marginalized, neighbors do not understand English, you can not afford to buy the house, call on those who oppose their activities to join. 3 days before this, the streets of Toronto, east of York, the first poster of white supremacy. The leaflets and posters are signed by an organization called "Alt-right". According to the Richmond area of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police reports, Alt-Right is an American far right group, in this year’s election is known. The United States "Huffington post" reported that 21 on the Alt-Right website, full of white supremacy, anti immigration information and views, and introduces Trump and his campaign for the article. Local communities and residents expressed great dissatisfaction with the racist remarks and resistance. Richmond residents Kelly? Green told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation interview said, "this is a kind of poison. The hate from America is not welcome here". The mayor of Richmond Brody in a statement to the "Huffington post" said in Richmond, known as the "inclusive harmonious city, all cultures are welcome here, leaflets from the views expressed are misleading and shameful". Previously, the Canadian minority has become a target of attack. According to Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reported that a Jewish Prayer center operating in Ottawa’s home was sprayed paint. "Huffington post" said that although some Canadians worry about these wins with Trump, but experts believe that it is too early to draw this conclusion. Rinaldo, a sociology professor at the University of Toronto, said the terrible event had occurred before the U.S. election, but the recent us hate act has exacerbated them. It must be emphasized that the seeds have been sown".相关的主题文章:

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