Founder of the home of the car had been dismissed as Ping Ping diversion platform dissatisfaction rewrite攻略�

By , November 16, 2017 5:52 pm

Car home co-founder dismissed had become dissatisfied with the peace diversion platform car home high-rise suffered another purge co-founder etc. dismissed [Beijing] September 22nd Zheng Xiaocai time financial news, car home according to insiders, in September 20th, the car home again with new personnel changes, general manager of car co-founder Fan Zheng home car home, second-hand car division Hu Yongping quit the job. Beijing Times reporter learned that since June this year, Ping An Trust to 47.7% stake to become the largest shareholder after the car home, inside the car home appeared several senior turmoil after the adjustment, from the original CEO to CFO, the original bell Qin Yiqi to Fan Zheng and other executives have been shuffling. The internal file screenshot is infiltrated into the capital according to the relevant statistics, the car home was founded by Li Xiang in June 2005, and in December 2013 successfully listed in New York. In April this year, car home holding company Telstra announced to the China Ping [1.30%  Funds Research Report];   group sold the car home 47.7% stake, then, car home management is proposed for privatization, in order to prevent the Ping An Group’s shares, but ultimately ended in failure. June 23rd, Australian Telecom announced that it has completed the sale of 47% stake in the car to China Ping an automobile trading, discounted $1 billion 600 million, took more than three months of equity dispute in order to win peace. Revenue decline in net profit fell nearly 30% large shareholders and the management of blood transfusion car home form a larger impact. According to the car home Q2 earnings report, its net revenues of 1 billion 378 million 400 thousand yuan, an increase of 60.1%, compared to the first quarter of the growth rate of 75.5%, an increase of 15.4%. At the same time, net profit fell. In addition, the car home prices fell sharply. From April, Australia announced the sale of the car’s home ownership to the present, the car home in 5 months, the stock has fallen from $32.15 to $24.04 (as of press time), down as much as $25.2%. Car home into the Ping Ping diversion platform was the former executives Tucao shares of peace so that the overall strategy of the car home has also undergone a larger shift. According to the car home staff revealed that the car has begun to become the home of Ping An Group diversion platform, one of the most obvious change is the next version of the mobile terminal will be a large number of safe advertising. Back in June, there will be users Tucao car home will be renamed the future of peace house". Car home founder Li Xiang in September 20th two bursts of micro-blog, in the APP picture layout expressed dissatisfaction. Li Xiang micro-blog screenshot peace is gospel or nightmare? Ping An Group a "Starving people fill the land". November 2011, Ping An group of Ping Pu investment to 5 billion 109 million yuan won the Shanghai SASAC to sell the Shanghai Jahwa [0.56%  Funds Research Report];   group 100% stake. In 2 years, when the Shanghai Jahwa Group Chairman Ge Wenyao was the controlling shareholder of Ping An Trust on removal.相关的主题文章:

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