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By , November 16, 2017 4:51 pm

How horrible "luxury compact SUV" in the play to the end – Sohu car that was one of the most difficult car circle TV series, luxury is his premise, compact is his mishap, his coat is SUV. Grab the play a lot of people, but very few good, one inattentive, but live two sets on the hanging. First of all, he is compact, but not really small. Like Qin Wulie Wang Yingdang, to own nothing trouble to give Zhou Wang Ding, a dead alive hang up. The pattern of small, no wonder to do twenty years prince, grand listing of the two sets, with the dog. Later, there are several sets in order to live, to make their own big, big embarrassed to call their own compact. Have you seen a couple of fat people in the TV series going to the end? If you are a way of living in this department is also expected to face the jungle drama which rely on talent, then you only like the way the outstanding graduates face PA level, "detective Sherlock" in the first quarter of the first set of the opening five minutes, hung up. Difficult is difficult, you are not the United States and the United States, you have to get the atmosphere of the United States Zhou Zheng, can not cause too much controversy. Otherwise, like this, did not live a few episodes, can only live forever in the expression bag. Of course, the United States is not controversial, it is not so safe, you have to have brains. "A dead-alive person" in Ande Leah’s opinionated beautiful, still attracted the audience a set of voice: "you can live up to second sets! Because you have iq……" You are not too worry, not the cost is too high, such as the "city of fantasy" in the snow lion head, and although the male CP sense, but the set of second heroic deaths, allegedly because the team did not M. So, in the ups and downs of the drama, which role can adhere to the end? Of course you have to beauty, not only to move ground, also have a unique style, bearing stand Tucao, figure stand close-up, lines too wonderful for words. You can come, but never nothing trouble, the people of your love, think you worry. You have to have you some of the skill, talent better, not more in name than in reality, at any time to surprise people, even a little wrong, no harm. You have to lie, you can withstand toss, the more is blowing shells can be broken, arouses pity, physical quality is more better, the simmering effort to toss your people consumption to hang, you can host it. So you can live in this drama episode after episode, season after season. Think? In this tragic "luxury compact SUV" series of long-term survival is not easy, you have to fit, Yan Duorenyanqiu also not enough value is a vase, to have meaning, otherwise the minute of the dog! But today we recommend this new pig, is an all-round development of the stock market, will be at the Guangzhou auto show listed Infiniti QX30. Dangdang! To say "wild Yan value" to describe the Infiniti QX30 a bit too, in my eyes, Infiniti the shape of a high degree of recognition, completely no need to brush presence. In this QX30, we seem to see the Infiniti designers "cursive writing". While.相关的主题文章:

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