Australian media speculation Australian universities to accept donations from some Chinese schools w dnf商人吧

By , November 15, 2017 5:11 pm

Australian media hype Macao university received the donation was part of the school of Chinese warning – Sohu News Reference News Network September 10 news media said, Australia University cautioned for close relations and Chinese accept donor contributions: don’t be foreign interests "propaganda tool". According to Australia’s "Sydney Morning Herald" reported in September 8th, University of Technology Sydney, Australia – China Relations Research Institute was founded in 2014, the businessman Huang Xiangmo received 1 million 800 thousand Australian dollars (about 9 million 180 thousand yuan) in donations, Huang Xiangmo became chairman of the Institute, Huang Xiangmo jade lake group is a Real Estate Company located in Chinese. Australia China Relations Institute website said, "the hospital works published on Sino Australian relations positive and optimistic views based on the hospital director is former New South Wales governor Bob Carle?. University of Technology Sydney teachers say they are concerned about the Institute’s "neutrality and independence" given that Huang Xiangmo is the president of the academy. The employee, who requested anonymity, said: "it is far from being independent or neutral, and employees are generally concerned." Australia, Luo Bei University China expert James said he believed Leibo? Germany, Huang Xiangmo as chairman of the role of "independence clearly implies that the Institute has been damaged". Leibo said, "universities need charitable donations, but also need to protect their independence." Repod said, the Australian Institute of relations in the fact sheets and publications, advocate for the very positive point of view. Reported that the experts Swinburne University Chinese John? Fitzgerald described the Australian Institute of relations is the most obvious departure from the University conduct he met acceptable institutions. The Australian Institute of relations to replace the original China University of Technology Sydney Research Center, which has been dissolved. Guo Yingjie, a scholar at the University of Sydney, previously served as deputy director of the center for Chinese Studies at the University of Technology Sydney, said that their work was essentially academic. Huang Xiangmo has donated $3 million 500 thousand to University of Sydney, to establish a research between art and culture by the new. Reported that the Australian Institute of relations director Bob? Carle has long maintained close contact with the Chinese community in australia. Vice president of University of Technology Sydney Glen? White wick said the Australian Institute of relations of "high quality and important research", "the appointment of the best scholars in various fields".相关的主题文章:

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