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By , November 15, 2017 5:10 pm

Miss Hongkong, Mr. Hongkong Beijing Hongkong the first "candidate" award in the Junior Chamber International Hongkong recently released "Hongkong Ten Outstanding Youth election 2016 election results. This year 5 people won the Outstanding Youth Award from the public and social services, professional work, entertainment, sports, culture and art of three sectors, the Hongkong team has a "Bowling bowling prodigy" said Hu Zhaokang selected. "Ten Outstanding Youth election" was founded in 1970, its main purpose is to praise the outstanding performance and making a contribution to society, aged between 21 to 40 years old in Hongkong youth work in Hongkong, the community responded enthusiastically. Liang Zhenying, Jackie Chan, and so on, and so on, and so on, and they have won the award, such as, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on. In addition to the ten Hongkong outstanding youth, what "auditions" awards, we grilled a steak. Ten outstanding new Hongkong youth this is a young award. In 2015, CO sponsored by the Hong Kong drift ring and baichuanhui "ten outstanding new Hongkong youth contest held for the first time, this year is second. Hong Kong floating circle known as the mainland to Hong Kong’s largest social platform, serving 200 thousand people in Hong kong. The event aims to recognize the achievements of the new Hongkong youth of the mainland in the areas of finance, real estate, construction, engineering, culture, and their contribution to the prosperity and stability of Hongkong. Ten outstanding new Hongkong youth (2016) awards ceremony held at the Hongkong Convention and Exhibition Centre on September 6th. The famous pianist Yundi Li, famous athletes, the Hongkong Committee for UNICEF ambassador Guo Jingjing, Phoenix TV host Anton 10 Hong Kong Youth elected. Zhao Lei, founder of Hong Kong, said in his speech, in the era of rapid development, the theme of our lives is busy, but we still can not forget the hearts of dreams. The selection of ten outstanding young people in Hongkong is also a story about dreams, I hope you can dream come true. Miss Hongkong, miss Hongkong, is a large beauty pageant in Hongkong, which began in 1946. The reason of private institutions held in Hongkong, North Point Ritz nightclub until 1973, Hongkong Television Broad-casts Limited began hosting the annual miss Hongkong election, after the unification organized by tvb. She called the Hongkong female beauty, Hongkong is a charming name card. Although miss Hongkong’s election began in early 1946, but then Hongkong people still worry of food and clothing, there is no thought to care about who is in Hongkong. In 1946 1973, miss Hongkong has selected the 10 Miss Hong kong. 1973 "Gangjie" and "election" put forward the slogan of beauty and wisdom. This slogan is the true portrayal of the shy era. Miss Hong Kong 70s election, due to the introduction of a swimsuit show was bold, but it still reflects the selection criteria of the judges recognized in traditional culture. So early a noble and dignified Gangjie, called female model. From the beginning of 80s, once a year Gangjie election has gradually become a hot topic of the people of Hongkong, this is initiated by the entertainment pageant, a certain extent is the commercial society of Hongkong)相关的主题文章:

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