After exposure to the net exposure of women’s video after the second cut in the end who did it (vide beef怎么读�

By , November 15, 2017 4:56 pm

After exposure to the net exposure of women’s video after the second cut in the end who did it? [Abstract] Zou Shiming micro-blog released a mystery woman in the video itself, the woman is not his wife Ran Yingying, micro-blog released soon was deleted, but sparked the curiosity of friends. The child turned her 11 year old woman kissing Zou Shiming exposure video screenshot seconds to delete suspected assistant Zou Shiming then broke the response to micro-blog, said the woman amateur never knew "Tencent entertainment news August 26th at noon, a strange thing has happened to Zou Shiming micro-blog, by the eye tip save users screenshot. His micro-blog released a mystery woman talking in the video, the woman in the photo wearing sunglasses, we said good weather and so on, but the woman is not the wife of Zou Shiming Ran Yingying. Micro-blog sent out shortly after being deleted, but sparked the curiosity of users, have speculated that the woman is He Xu, also, what is the relationship with Zou Shiming. Micro-blog women’s identity a mystery Zou Shiming: the factors they never met soon things after exposure, it claimed to be the assistant message in its micro-blog, said they usually help Zou Shiming with micro-blog, micro-blog today his hair makes the wrong account, hope that users don’t misunderstand. However, Tencent entertainment on the matter to ask Zou Shiming broker, the other side returned to a do not know the expression. Then, at 13 PM, Zou Shiming responded to this event at micro-blog, said "I ask the people they never met you, this is to make it like", denied the woman in the video is that assistant. Zou Shiming wrote in micro-blog: "can not sleep, arrived in Losangeles second days time is not easy to endure until ten, I was sleeping wake my mother said: hurry to find wife. That scared me still suffering from the shock supernatural events, ah! I can be the night of your day! You said I Yuanbu yuan ah, do not know the people, this is to make you like that." Zou Shiming and his wife Ran Yingying micro-blog screenshot the woman micro-blog to explain things by Zou Shiming: she is my wife Ran Yingying rescue workers are all wondering who is this mysterious woman, the wife of Zou Shiming Ran Yingying come forward to clarify, she said: "silly girl, is my brokerage company staff. Her mother was always worried that she was too busy to take care of herself, so she could record the video… Silly child is good child, should be embraced, Blessed [heart] [] heart only, if you skip class… Uh… You know." Zou Shiming broker said Zou Shiming is currently in Losangeles, micro-blog was a popular Oriental studio Zou Shiming wife Ran Yingying rationing responsible person surnamed sun, had helped Zou Shiming sent micro-blog, forget their second shot associated with Zou Shiming micro-blog. Zou Shiming because people in foreign countries, only by friends screenshots, see the woman wearing sunglasses did not recognize, so not to discuss with the staff directly said micro-blog do not know this person, resulting in more and more events oolong, actually all is misunderstanding.相关的主题文章:

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