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By , November 14, 2017 10:03 pm

The U.S. Navy submarine Chinese strength soaring accused of fast unaffordable – Sohu Arsenal September 24th news: Military Channel of American national interest magazine article said that if the U.S. Navy wanted to reconstruct the attack submarine fleet, the challenge to deal with Russia and the rise of China fleet brings, then the United States Navy must build more submarines. In the end, Congress will have to allocate more money to ensure that the U.S. Navy can meet the challenge. If The Pentagon increases the number of fleet attack submarines, the U.S. Navy and the submarine industrial base could build more than two submarines a year. The industrial base in 1980s of each year to build six nuclear attack submarines and ballistic missile submarines, if the Navy demand for submarine ship from 48 increased to higher number, you need a lot of investment in reconstruction of industrial base. However, by virtue of the existing 53 nuclear attack submarines, although technically beyond the 48 attack submarine demand is difficult to meet the requirements of commanders around the world, because the Russian submarine force since the cold war after the rise again, but also in the rapid development of China fleet. To make matters worse, the Navy submarine fleet in 2029 is expected to be reduced to only 41 attack submarines. In fact, it can be seen from the congressional hearing that the navy is likely to increase the number of attack submarines in the fleet. When asked if the United States Navy submarine forces increased demand, will build more nuclear attack submarines, Naval Sea Systems Command submarine project executive rear admiral Jabali (Michael Jabaley) said it may meet the requirements. Jia Baal said: "yes, you can do. But we will not exceed two Virginia class nuclear submarines and a "Ohio" class nuclear submarine in the same year, although it is impossible to determine the amount of money and time required, it is a major project." The United States Navy and the General Dynamics Electric Boat Corp and Huntington Ingalls of the Newport News shipyard industry partners can’t increase capacity to the level of 1980s, because of the changing nature of industrial base. "Even if we still have two nuclear submarines to deliver a fully qualified shipyard, but we are deeply committed to reach an agreement, because it would work in finance upward, if only authorized a shipyard in the implementation of the special task, there will be a problem," said Jia Baal, "in 70s and 80s we build more than a year, and an attack submarine ship Ohio class ballistic missile submarines, but the submarine construction plant architecture is different." In the late years of the cold war, President Reagan’s national defense construction in full swing, the United States only two submarine shipyard just because the workload will not sign a cooperation agreement. Every year, the U.S. Navy in addition to ordering a Ohio class nuclear submarines, but also will order a number of Losangeles class attack submarines. But after the end of the cold war, especially after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990s, the construction of the submarine slowed down, only a few submarines are under construction. The United States Navy had to arrange for the General Dynamics Electric Boat Corp and Huntington Ingalls shipyard in Newport News signed a cooperation agreement.相关的主题文章:

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