The annual exhibition of the people’s livelihood presents an important activity in the history of Co 残清1864

By , November 14, 2017 10:03 pm

The annual exhibition presents livelihood important activities in the history of Modern Art: after "after perceptual sensibility" part of artists photo (1999) "alien and delusion" exhibition Notes of Alien Bodies and 1999, Delusion 1999 in 2016 as the Beijing people’s livelihood Museum of Contemporary Art independent planning annual important exhibition, "emotion: fear and will in November 5th launch. Post sensibility is an important artistic action in the history of Chinese contemporary art. The exhibition will be on the "sensibility" — such a China of contemporary art after 2000 has had a great influence, when many young artists have been active in the art of action and the problem, a backtracking. "Post sensibility" is a kind of Chinese native experimental art practice, which began in 1999 with Qiu Zhijie and Wu Meichun’s "alien and delusional" exhibition, which lasted for more than 10 years. The exhibition is divided into two parts of works and literature, will join the "exhibition after the sensibility of the artist’s creation, you can get a glimpse of their great enthusiasm to thinking, discussion and action. The exhibition also invited the recent active, creative ideas and action with the "perceptual" exhibition of artistic thinking is close to some of the young artists to present an open and continue to be the definition of "post perception". One of the Beijing people’s livelihood Museum of Contemporary Art invited as "emotional" sponsors and participants Mr. Qiu Zhijie as the curator, 31 exhibited works of 29 artists, including 20 who participated in the previous "sensibility" of artists and 9 young artists. As curator Qiu Zhijie puts it, "the post sensibility is," the continuous withdrawal of identity and type, the constant planning and initiation of self and experience. The latter is the mirror stage that has never been done, and is infinitely extended to a lifetime of adolescence, and we look forward to this exhibition to promote the subsequent discussion of "post sensibility". 2001: after emotional retribution "show" new news "2001 Working Scene of New according to the work of Wave News 20012003 years after an exhibition of high sensibility: Insider", Gao Shiqiang, Lu Lei, the damned individualist, 1997 Liu Wei, big dog, leather, metal, wood, variable size, ice 2016 Liu Wei Qiu Zhijie: the sinking of the device, 2009 giant, Qiu Zhijie, theirs names, behavior device, 2016 stone, all solid things are gone, device, variable size, 2012 original + sun free device, 2009 Peng Yu, Wang Wei, the natural history of the four, 2016 floor mosaic, Zhang Hui, light 1 2, oil on canvas, 200× 200cm, 2016 Zhu Yu, pocket theology, synthetic materials, variable size, 2000 emotion: fear and will   host: Minsheng Bank Chinese Zhou Xujun, curator of the Ming and Contemporary Art Museum of Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art相关的主题文章:

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