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By , November 19, 2017 1:03 am

50 years ago, the Mustang moved to the watch, feeling full enough man! Sohu – Science and technology in the world fans eyes, there is a special car. On behalf of the free, wild and unruly, it is Ford mustang! It is the legend of the American muscle car, is the need for speed, the protagonist, is the roar and roar of the engine. In accordance with the previous routines, we should say that the appearance of the interior and the power of the ~ ~ but we are not the protagonist today, cool appearance, the high rate of new Mustang, but those 50 years ago, the old mustang! Once hard to the guards, Sao to fly in the old horse, is now suffering oppression is likely to lie in a garage. Or in the back yard of a farm wind and rain rust… Can not help but sigh, is the old car really can only die? Not always! Two guys from Denmark, to find a new home for these old cars. (this is a small guy. Two) they have the same hobbies — cars and watches. As a result, the more than and 20 Mustang in 60s into their hands – REC P-51 Watch. P-51 is the name of this watch is the world’s first Mustang car and car prototype P-51 Mustang fighter, tribute! Watch the original Mustang plate making, it is not easy to find such a horse, they basically have broken it. The need for multiple processing can be used, the most valuable is that P-51 retains the plate trace the history of each table is the one and only traces of the. The 11 o’clock position of the dial, printed with a small piece of unique identity card". Record is the production of this table Mustang, when the VIN car identity authentication code. With the watch will attach an identity card. By scanning the two-dimensional code on the phone, you can see the mustang. Once the story, 60 years ago, the graceful, perhaps the strong sand, perhaps on the east coast of the reception of flowers, who knows · · · is a word to you and that Mustang link is a space through the offbeat. The watch is designed by Divine, a Swiss design studio. They are also the recent fire to no slip watch, Sevenfriday design studio. The design of the watch, is the shadow of a wild horse. The upper dial represents the power part of the design for the automobile oil table style, and the main design style for tachometer dial. The design of the side of the watch is inspired from the front of the mustang. On the other side of the design from the rear of the car, reducing headlights and logo are perfect. Back through design, you can see the operation of the mechanical movement, mechanical beauty is really looking at the big head. Pay attention to the pattern of the movement and 66 Mustang hub grain, almost as much as the same as 10 Fen ~ even the table of the box, are designed for the appearance of the tank. I’m afraid this is the only way to be refined. P-51 dial diameter 38mm, thickness of ~相关的主题文章:

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