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4 year old girl pulls out the 5 floor window fall downstairs tree is to save a life (Figure) – Sohu news staff first aid Huang Geshu downstairs, saved the child’s life. Children’s home windowsill less than half a meter from the floor, no protective railing. Emergency room, the mother is anxiously waiting for the news of the child. At 6:50 yesterday morning, a loud noise came from the ground, followed by the south bank District University Avenue 7 2-4 tenants shouted: "no, there are dolls from the upstairs fall!" The original quiet residential buildings suddenly opened the pot, some people did not wear clothes ran out. In front of the scene is really disturbing — on the ground floor of the cement floor, lying a little girl…… A girl upstairs in the morning Chongqing evening news reporter learned that, when the 2-4 window is household laundry, a white object suddenly fall quickly in front of him, followed by a loud noise, he screamed at. The girl fell in the valley of Ms. 1-4 home. Ms. Gu said she heard a loud noise still wondering what happened, I opened the door, a white T-shirt and white pants all the little girl lying at the door, motionless, I was really scared feet!" Ms. Gu said there was no obvious bleeding on the little girl, but there were signs of scratches in the leg. "My eyes closed, I think the child is not afraid at that time!" Soon, more neighbors ran, in the residential building to open the hotel Ms. Zhang quickly hit 120 and 110. Everyone is the 120 doctor who the child said, "please notify the family, and let us do not move the wanderers." The hotel owner, Ms. Zhang said. Ms. Zhang said that dozens of neighbors from the bottom up shouting "who fell downstairs doll," shouted 5 minutes no one answered. They immediately left the two or three division, the scene with dolls, others knocking from door to door. Ms. Zhang said, due to the residents downstairs is the market, there are neighbors worried about their parents go out to buy vegetables, they went to the market to call loudly. "We have these people who still keep busy work, entrance in the corridor, a person is asked his family to see the child falls?" Ms. Zhang said, at that time, we have to rush to death." At this moment, the girl suddenly moved a few fingers. "I always keep her, rushed to call her." Ms. Gu said: "my sister slowly opened my eyes, I see the first sentence is, hold! Hold! The voice is weak and pathetic. What a sin to have such a small child! I love dearly tears are falling down, immediately squat down to hold her hand, ask her where to live, what is the name of the parents. The child could not answer, always looked at me and said! Hold!" Ficus lacor downstairs saved "everyone involved in the parents to find neighbors, are in a sweat, especially to see the doll with the perception, we are nervous and happy." Ms. Zhang said 7:20 Xu, ambulance arrived. The girl can stand up, but also cried: "aunt, pain!" Then the ambulance was sent to the children’s hospital. Until 8 am, the child grandmother appeared. Originally, the child lives on the 5 floor, the parents are selling rice in the vicinity of the grandma at that time.相关的主题文章:

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