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By , November 19, 2017 6:00 pm

34 things to refresh the life experience, you tried a few? Sohu travel 1 to Daocheng, Aden, from across the world, you meet the last piece of pure land on the water blue planet. Best season: 4-5 months, 9-10 months. At this time, the red grass and yellow acres of poplar forest let Daocheng become the color of the sea, the snow capped mountains in the background of the blue sky and white clouds, more fantasy. 4-5 is also a good time to go to Daocheng, along the way are flowers, Kamiyama snow more than autumn, in this season is more spectacular and clear. 2 go to the capital of a turn, look at our ancestors of wisdom and wealth to the. Best season: September -10 month. This is the best time to visit Beijing. In Beijing the most beautiful of the year, this time an invigorating autumn climate pleasant climate, air quality is the best. Especially in late October to early November (Frost), is when the leaves cenglinjinran, the famous "Xiangshan red leaf Festival" will also be held during this period. Another good time for travel and tourism in Beijing is every year at the beginning of December to mid February the following year, this time to Beijing must go to stroll around the temple fair in Beijing. 3 to go to Jiuzhaigou to see Shan water, near China autumn is the most beautiful fairy tale world. Best season: September -10 month best. In November, Jiuzhaigou is the most brilliant period, empty Zhanbi, red leaves, reflected in the bright color Lin Lake in bright and colorful. But this period is the peak season, just in case of National Day holiday, many tourists, it is recommended to avoid holidays. Jiuzhaigou spring snow melt spring water pan up, flowers plants with vitality. In the summer of Jiuzhaigou in the wet season, verdant scenery is extremely beautiful. Jiuzhai in winter although water micro litter, but fewer people, do not have scenic quiet, full of a quality suggestive of poetry or painting. 4 place – najiabawafeng fairy living, see snow, fog. One of the most charming snow capped mountains of the year, China’s National Geographic magazine as the most beautiful mountain. The best season: all seasons. Suggestions: 5 to seven hours to play 3-4 Gannan, let vision up to the heaven, feel the fairyland. Best season: June -8 month. At this time the temperature in Gannan is generally maintained between 15 ~ 30 degrees, cool and pleasant, the prairie is full of Ge Sanghua everywhere. Suggestion: 6 days to play attention to "6 people travel custom travel service, WeChat (ID:sijiatuan), or download the" 6 Tour "APP in the app store, 1 of the 1 free consulting travel consultants, customize your exclusive journey. You can also call 400-010-6003 free consultation. 6 go to Mulan Wei Chang to see the source of water, the forest of the sea, feel the color of autumn. Best season: July -10 month best. The summer climate is cool, is an excellent summer place; looking ahead, forest steppe greenery, flowers dotted with clumps, beautiful. Autumn forest grassland red and yellow, in the background of the blue sky, is the ideal destination for photography. The local temperature difference between morning and evening, should pay attention to warm. Winter and spring weather is cold, not suitable for play. 7 to the long history, approached the mysterious virgin, out of the ordinary, unique taste.相关的主题文章:

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