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By , April 15, 2018 12:24 pm

33 year old Ariel Lin married for two years and then spawned: you don’t Ariel Lin Ariel Lin sweet smile Sina entertainment Ariel Lin [micro-blog]13 in Taipei to attend the maintenance activities, she pays attention to skin moisturizing, said her husband had praised her for her sweet skin like a small baby tender, will "coax" husband maintenance. She was known as the world’s "zero negative comments goddess," she said with a smile: "every time I hear this, the pressure is great." She is not so perfect, also have self deprecating temper, the most unbearable malicious wounding words, "I don’t do harm to others, but I cannot control what other people think." Ariel Lin married for nearly two years, and then asked the question of birth, still smiling back: "you do not worry about this, two years." But she retired next year is expected to two TV series. She recently in the new film "my egg lover" and Rhydian Vaughan [micro-blog] have a close play, she said her husband would not mind, intimate play scale is not the focus of the opera. The actress Ariel Lin last year to attend the Admiralty 50 awards, this year has not yet heard of whether or not to participate, she had seen the biggest winner this year’s finalists "a handful of green" fragments of the evaluation of the play high, hope for future cooperation with director Cao Ruiyuan. Ariel Lin since childhood love Tu Tu wipe skin care, she exposes five years old on their own eyelashes, because my uncle said: "long eyelashes girls are very fierce, unlike snow white princess." The eyelashes cut out of order, my mother scolded, now found her uncle "misleading". Thrifty she had spent on a million NT dollars to buy health care products, but found that the effect is not a good imagination, but she and Rhydian Vaughan film, Rhydian Vaughan has observed skin condition, smile said: "he is a hybrid of the skin is very white, but need moisture, would like to recommend products to him by eliminating wrinkles." Taiwan because of strong typhoon is approaching, the reporter will be held in the outdoor swimming pool, a few of the wind Ariel Lin skirt, almost exposure, she later asked: "there should be no tension to take what!" Joked: "can you delete the photos!" (Sina entertainment, Linyi, Taiwan station (map): commissioning editor Bai Ling sina.com.cn) statement: exclusive articles, the prohibition of unauthorized reprint.相关的主题文章:

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