2016 Keqiao City Shopping Festival has opened the National Day holiday to take you fly-aquaria

By , April 17, 2018 8:57 am

2016 Keqiao City Shopping Festival has opened the National Day holiday National Day holiday has fly with you in front of the door is the most concerned about the Keqiao people where to go to play the most happy, not Keqiao, where to eat the stomach fall? Yesterday, 2016 Keqiao City Shopping Festival was officially opened, plus the pre hot tourist attractions, home drink shopping is rich and colorful. Where to eat first to eat. With the East China Sea fishing, catching crabs over smoothly, the Party of the National Day holiday, Keqiao many star hotels are looking forward to the heart of that chowhound, selling are concentrated in the "numerous underlings". The seven day holiday, Tianma Hotel launched a "thanksgiving heart warming crab feast, crab dishes and vintage series jar Yellow Wine combined with Yellow Wine Chang to eat crabs but a very pleasant enjoyment. In addition to miss long chowhound crabs eat delicacy, the G20 summit also let chowhound are ready to, do not have to queue in Hangzhou taste, ZHUJIAZHUANG hotel will be able to eat. During the national day, the grand launch of the G20 summit ZHUJIAZHUANG hotel packages, let everybody a sinseong hoe. People in Shaoxing, "ten bowl head" meaning "unevenamerica Shiquan", after the end of moral beauty. In addition to ZHUJIAZHUANG Hotel launched Shaoxing folk characteristics of taste "ten bowl head", Narada · Shaoxing Kaiyue Hotel dishes R & D team devote themselves to learning traditional cooking skills, explore Shaoxing traditional folk culture delicacy, looking for local ingredients, based on inheriting the "old Shaoxing ten bowl head" the traditional concept, combined with modern people the health needs, bold improvement, development of Narada · Shaoxing Jianhu characteristics of the "Keqiao ten bowl", they certainly can not miss chowhound. There are favorite dishes pro, the pond during my lifetime fish meal fish yogurt National Day launch card, enjoy a lifetime of 15% off. Recently, the sky looks crazy hot Hot pot, send free drinks, and other activities, there are many catering Wanda launch a variety of attractive discounts, to meet all the different taste buds. Where to go shopping in the City Shopping Festival, multi cultural activities full of expectations. During the National Day holiday, Wanda Plaza activities colorful, there is a man called you to test god boat life boat festival, music enjoy life · container Music Festival, etc.. If you want to feel the pulse of fashion and music, you can go to Wanda plaza. The "virtual reality" VR is sweeping the world, for playing trendy Keqiao people, to experience a superior VR black technology is not difficult. The "eleven" period, Wanda Plaza, take you to see the horizon VR camp activities, multiple VR equipment experience, including VR display two supporting the operating handle, you can wear a helmet, it was, with handle, make relevant action according to the inside of the scene, in the scene can get the corresponding feedback. In addition to all kinds of fun experience, there are many other activities, such as intime "I am a big silver" Happy Sports Carnival, Rainbow Square outside the "Keqiao sound" music competition, we can feel the rhythm of the music, together in the competition in a hi. Of course, the National Day golden week is the "happy Keqiao, love rainbow" Golden Wedding Expo, wedding dress, wedding, wedding gifts in various preparations.相关的主题文章:

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