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2016 Dangdang children’s books "three list Award" sword Sohu CCBF- science and technology news: November 18th, November 18th Texun China in 2016 Shanghai International Exhibition of children’s books (CCBF), the world’s largest electricity supplier Chinese books Dangdang announced and published in 2016 three a list of children Shubang Award ", that is, the book bestseller list, original list and most young readers favorite writers award, which became the heavyweight event this session on CCBF. It is reported that, as of 2016 October, Dangdang children’s books sales tax growth of 35% year-on-year, the National Children’s book sales tax accounted for more than 35%, more than 70% of the market share of high-end children’s books, children’s books, Dangdang visible market position of the firm, the more visible the future prospects of a broad Chinese children’s book market. Vice president and general manager of Dangdang publications division Chen Lijun said in an interview, "Dangdang Shubang is not only derived from the children’s book outstanding press recommended, is relying on thousands of readers through the test of time real comment choice, all readers trusted authority list." The three list of authoritative interpretation of enlightenment reading, "China power" is on the rise as the world’s first annual sales volumes of children’s book platform, Dangdang has a large children’s book market data, which is the Shubang Dangdang children’s depicting the national enlightenment of reading images, a year is announced, is highly concerned by many industry experts and the reader. This is the 4 consecutive year Dangdang at CCBF children’s book published children’s book list and heavyweight, heavyweight list issued each year has become a major highlight of the CCBF. "Best selling list", "new book list" plus the first published "original list" and "the favorite author of small readers", together constitute the 2016 children’s book of the top three awards. First look at the most popular bestsellers, "the magic school bus · picture book edition" won the children’s book bestseller list, sales of nearly 260 thousand volumes, Tong Shuzhong will undoubtedly become the popularity of the king; "Tintin", "British children’s Encyclopedia", "cute mouse" "Mr Qi Miao miss" continuous on the list, is the introduction of evergreen tree version; "for children", "this is the history of Chinese twenty-four" and "learn to control their own solar term" as the original book of the leaders, "this is the twenty-four solar term" as a high-end hand painted books, since listing, favoured the readers, once won the Dangdang children’s book list at the end of the year, successfully entered the bestseller list, become the dark horse. As the first published 2016 Dangdang children’s book · original list, from the list of accounts, reflecting the original Chinese characteristics". Chinese children’s literature list occupy more than half of the position, "Cao Wenxuan anthology edition" topped the list, original picture books show good results, the list accounted for 30%, respectively, "Zheng Yuanjie granddaughter good habits: twelve zodiac", "Cai Gao’s fairy tale picture painted in this world" (all five volumes of the first series "mother"), change, showing a broad prospect of original picture books, and high-quality original science popularization and other categories, from the creative source still needs to be improved. In the first issue of the 2016 Dangdang reader相关的主题文章:

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