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2 people have been prosecuted in Mong Kok riots in Hongkong. Police have arrested 69 people. Original title: 2 people have been prosecuted in Mong Kok riots, police have arrested 69 suspected participants in the new agency, Hongkong, February 19, Hongkong Mong Mong riots, and two people were accused of riot crime. On the 19 day, the two male defendants, aged 22 and 29, were questioned in the Kowloon City magistrates’ court. Hongkong police have arrested 69 people suspected of being involved in the riot, including the two people. Among them, 44 were accused of riot, 1 were accused of illegal assembling crime. All cases are adjourned to April arraignment, waiting for further investigation and prosecution legal advice. On the same day, another court in Hongkong, the eastern magistracy, sentenced the judge to a violent incident in the Admiralty in the year before last year. The evening of June 13, 2014 to 14 on the morning of the SAR Legislative Council Finance Committee considered the government on the early development of the northeast New Territories project funding applications, against the development of the northeast new territories who disregard the police repeatedly warned, tear down the iron railings (bars), the impact of the Legislative Council building entrance, the exterior wall of the building and broken glass, to maintain order, security guards police officers were injured. During the period, some demonstrators covered their faces with towels and masks, wore goggles and helmets, and tried to use bamboo poles to pry open the gates of the Council building. Many people do not live in the northeast region of the new territories, and some legislators call it "cooked noodles". They can almost see them every time on the front line of the demonstrations, rallies and demonstrations of the SAR government. Among them, 13 people were convicted of illegal assembling, and on the 19 day they were sentenced to social service order in the eastern magistracy. More than one defendant said no regrets. According to the Social Service Order Ordinance of the Hongkong, social service orders were sentenced to unpaid work instead of other penalties. 19, the Hongkong chamber of Commerce, the Chinese manufacturers’ Association of Hongkong, the Hongkong General Chamber of Commerce, Federation of Hongkong industries, the Hongkong Real Estate Developers Association, the Hongkong Chinese importers’ six chamber of Commerce issued a statement that, there are a handful of people to appeal to acts of violence, not only trampled on the rule of law in Hongkong, damage Hongkong’s international image, more damage Hongkong’s social stability and economic prosperity. The six chambers of Commerce call for concerted efforts from all walks of life to oppose all acts of violence. (Editor): editor in chief: SN226

香港旺角暴乱再有2人被起诉 警方已拘捕69人   原标题:旺角暴乱再有2人被起诉 警方已拘捕69名涉嫌参与者   中新社香港2月19日电 香港旺角暴乱,再有两人被控暴动罪。19日,这两名分别22岁、29岁的男被告,在九龙城裁判法院应讯。   包括上述两人在内,截至目前香港警方已拘捕69名涉嫌参与暴乱者。其中,44人被控暴动罪,1人被控非法集结罪。所有案件都押后至4月再提讯,等待控方进一步调查和征询法律意见。   同日,在香港的另外一处法庭――东区裁判法院,法官对前年在金钟发生的一起暴力事件涉事者进行了判刑。   2014年6月13日晚至14日晨,特区立法会财委会审议特区政府关于新界东北发展前期工程拨款申请时,反对新界东北发展者不顾警方一再警告,推倒铁马(铁栅栏)、冲击立法会大楼各出入口、打烂大楼外墙和玻璃,令维持秩序的保安员、警员受伤。期间,有的示威者用毛巾、口罩遮脸,戴上眼罩、头盔,试图用竹竿等撬开立法会大楼的大门。   不少人并非住在新界东北地区,有立法会议员称之为“熟口熟面”,几乎每次反对特区政府施政的游行集会示威的第一线,都能见到他们的身影。其中,13人非法集结罪成,19日他们在东区裁判法院全部被判社会服务令。多名被告表示无悔意。根据香港《社会服务令条例》,被判社会服务令者以无薪工作代替其他刑罚。   19日,香港中华总商会、香港中华厂商联合会、香港总商会、香港工业总会、香港地产建设商会、香港中华出入口商会等六大商会发表声明指,社会上有一小撮人以暴力行为争取诉求,不仅践踏香港法治、损害香港国际形象,更破坏香港的社会安定与经济繁荣。六大商会呼吁各界齐心协力,反对一切暴力行为。(完) 责任编辑:苏未然 SN226相关的主题文章:

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