12 beautiful and easy to use shower gel, with a minute let you fall in love with their own. luonv

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12 beautiful and easy to use shower gel, with a minute let you fall in love with his adorable wood ~ mud found that each have their own brand of skin care lotion and even that usually can not afford to buy their own brand of their home bath are also high cost can not eat a bottle of soil today, we recommend a beautiful and easy to use shower gel out of the whole people feel super comfortable ~ Bath& Body Works Bath Shower Gel in foreign countries it is very fire, when washed very fragrant, like perfume, but certainly is not long so long perfume. Pola Rose Bath Shower Gel pola home this bottle price is quite high, a large bottle is over one hundred ~ foam especially rich, the taste is good, very worth a try. Fresh sake bath Fu Lei poetry sake bath lotion, contains 50% wine ingredients, into the bathtub, and then soak 10 to 15 minutes. It has good Paizhuo and soothing effect, after the bubble will feel the people are very happy ~ Vitoria’s Secret bath home water kiss shower gel, just listen to the name feel sexy. It combines fruit fragrance, wash after feel very slippery, especially fragrant! L’OCCITANE Cherry Blossom Shower Gel this shower gel is a hint of cherry flavor, packaging is also very fairy ~ foam is very delicate, after the body on the slide, the body is also a hint of cherry fragrance. Biore Orange Flower Shower Gel looks like this is a sunscreen lotion can do! It tastes very mild, not pungent, very natural feeling. Senior hall can leisurely wash this bottle is really super affordable, feeling a bottle can be used for a long time. It adds amino acid cleansing formula, so it will be very gentle, a lot of foam. It is a very pleasant aroma composed of cherry blossoms, grapefruit and apples. Evino oatmeal shower gel Evino is Johnson’s baby care brand, the main natural non stimulating, does not contain hormones and spices. So many prefer a gentle formula sister like this brand. EAU DE ME oil Honey Shower Gel light purple bottle really beautiful, a bit like Anna Sui around. The taste is like perfume taste, a little flower fruit is very fresh. Because it does not contain silicone oil, it is not easy to bubble. Soap& glory butter shower gel this bottle of butter bath will be good after washing skin moisture, very suitable for this dry season. It is the flavor of the faint aroma, smell is also very comfortable and natural. LG ON this bottle of perfume bath is called Perfume Bath, feeling after use without perfume, perfume of flowers in general taste, especially for a long time. The key is not expensive, really worth. We recommend that there has not been one grass ah ~ secretly tell you a lot of good super mall little lip lip相关的主题文章:

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