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By , April 16, 2018 10:20 pm

100 thousand power play or the electric SUV Beiqi JAC automobile automobile Sohu – Sohu who [park] E electric current domestic car market "new energy" and "SUV" became the two most popular words. Relying on big space and high practical advantages of SUV models in the Chinese market attention continues to heat up. The electric car is the government to vigorously support the sunrise industry, in addition to its low cost and other factors, but also become the focus of consumer concern. If SUV and electric vehicles will be made one, there will be quite a better future, JAC and BAIC is undoubtedly in the electric field of SUV, the first person to eat crab. Today we take a look at Beijing and JAC’s hottest two models — EX200 and iEV6S, which is more worth buying. A shape of an introverted publicity design first look at each one has its own merits of these two cars, Beiqi EX200 as a pure electric car, there is no need to intake, engine cooling, single scroll grille grille is closed before the panel is replaced by the upper part of the unique Beiqi new energy vehicles sky blue chrome strip. The net is not gasoline version of the honeycomb, but the bright piano paint. The logo still hides the unique electric vehicle charging interface. The lower grille is obtrapezoid, still can feel the design style of "X" in front of the family’s. The JAC iEV6S electric SUV models still maintain the JAC family style design, the use of white as the main body color, and blue as a decorative color. The iEV6S is equipped with a roof rack, a blade wheel, and mirror blue. In addition, the body side of the iEV logo also highlights the special identity of the car. The body size, the new energy Beiqi EX200 length and breadth were: 4110*1750*1543mm (including rack 1583mm), wheelbase 2519mm, in addition to the car height compared to the Saab X25 reduce 2mm, other parameters are consistent. Compared with the direct competitor JAC iEV6S, only a short length of 25mm on the body length, the width of the other than the JAC iEV6S is slightly larger, but also more reflects the wheelbase of the car space is also more advantage. A rich sense of the future of Beiqi EX200 car interior a movement within the overall use of the main colors of black and bright red, collocation elements and imitation carbon fiber trim. The car uses a gearshift knob type, it has also become a big difference with the Saab X25 more obvious. Configuration, the car is equipped with a liquid crystal display, automatic air conditioning, multi-function steering wheel, quartz clock, etc.. Division of functional areas in the car, the overall layout and gasoline version without him, three multi-function steering with a leather wrapped with red stitching on the wheel, air conditioning suspension type liquid crystal screen between the outlet and the upper part of the quartz clock control can enhance the vehicle’s quality. In the middle of the instrument panel, a small size LCD screen is adopted. Driver can provide gear, speed, power, endurance!相关的主题文章:

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