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By , April 15, 2018 12:21 pm

100 thousand + false reading volume brush single industry exposure – Sohu news for some big V public numbers, brush reading volume has been an open secret. The evening of September 28th, WeChat system upgrades so many large V public number of true exposure. According to the first Financial Daily reporters, some of the usual reading amount of one hundred thousand of the big V public last night, the amount of reading plummeted, fell to several thousand to tens of thousands. Because the flow is less than usual, some of the big V or even deleted the article has been pushed. After reading the amount of brush industry chain exposure, according to the first Financial Daily reporters found that in the Taobao platform WeChat brush a few businesses, many businesses still provide services in this period of time. As of press time reporter, WeChat system upgrade to the impact of these public numbers is still continuing, and many of the big V reporter’s account has not yet been updated in today’s article. Alternative to create 100 thousand + driven by the formation of a huge interest around the "+ 100 thousand" gray industrial chain. On the Taobao platform, enter the WeChat brush reading keyword, the emergence of information related businesses and products up to 19 pages. These Taobao pages out of the brush reading price ranging from tens to hundreds, and some stores even launched preferential packages to meet the different needs of customers. In addition to the amount of reading, the number of fans can also brush. Most of these businesses are distributors, third party Internet data monitoring company founder Shedane on the new list of "First Financial Daily" the reporter said that the current technology of reading practice no more than 5 discount sellers, the data platform provides technical support for distributors to brush the amount of reading. "These vendors are all within a system". These readers can also provide personalized services based on customer demand. "If you don’t want to brush too fast, but also from time to time, three hours of midnight brush, brush, brush reading people will feel the day cannot brush, otherwise will be found, it is generally at night secretly brush, you woke up to see so much, may not suspect." New list of technical director Yang said. In addition to technical services, suppliers and distribution platform also provides human services, but compared to technical services, the latter unit cost is higher. The reporter points into a Taobao in the operation of reading stores, the shop owner told the "First Financial Daily" reporter, the platform service is divided into 50 yuan and 258 yuan 1000 brush amount of reading brush 1000 amount of reading two, the former is relying on machine brush, which relies on human. The owner told reporters that due to the impact of the current upgrade WeChat, the former brush will be relatively slow, for the latter, which ensures that all artificial real reading and powder. Reporters after a simple calculation, if you brush a 100 thousand + article, relying on the machine for $5000, manpower is $25800. Despite the high cost of human brush, however, a 100 thousand + article can bring a lot of benefits to WeChat large, in the search for advertisers can give some of the original account number has no small endorsement. Brush the amount of reading is an open secret of the industry, the amount of reading directly affect the number of public subscription number or ad." Venture capital TM相关的主题文章:

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