10 year old boy playing mobile games to buy equipment cheated WeChat transfer $7 thousand-g227

By , April 15, 2018 12:28 pm

10 year old boy playing mobile games to buy equipment cheated WeChat transfer of $7 thousand – in September 19th, northeast network news liar greed, even the children do not let go. Recently, a 10 year old boy in Daqing, suffered telecommunications fraud. August 27th, who lives in Daqing Lin Xiaofeng (a pseudonym) 10 year old son Dong Dong (a pseudonym), play mobile phone games, in the game, someone asked you to buy the equipment, you said: "buy." Let the other Dongdong brush to buy games and equipment chats, Dongdong brush this information, the other Dongdong WeChat initiative to add friends, you passed, the other Dongdong encouraged to buy equipment. You see the other virtual equipment sold cheaper, ready to buy, but only tens of dollars WeChat wallet, not enough. The other asked him whether WeChat bound bank card, you bind the answer. The other said: "I have a way, you can let the money in your wallet, WeChat, so that you can buy the game equipment." You asked: "what?" I said "you in accordance with the operation." The other side said. Then, the other Dongdong teach a step by step operation, which also let him read WeChat’s Dongdong to bind bank card number. You said after the operation in accordance with each other, found more money WeChat wallet, there are more than 7000 yuan, you very happy. But then the other side said: "you WeChat purse money, I have to turn to you, you have to turn back to me." You do not want to start, but the other to scare him a few words, he had to put the money in the wallet by WeChat, WeChat to each other. Turn the money, let the other Dongdong chats will delete all, otherwise let him play the game, to tell his parents. All because of fear, the chat records all deleted. Later, Lin Xiaofeng found that his bank card money, less than 7000 yuan, asked his son, only to know he turned to strangers more than 7000 yuan. So report. Anti flicker expert team of experts, the Municipal Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Detachment six Investigation Brigade Deputy captain Guo Yu said, students encounter telecommunications fraud, most are in the process of playing the game, cheat to sell equipment on the grounds, to teach children the methods of operation, the children usually do not understand, according to the operation method and the cheater cheated. Here to remind parents, usually to strengthen the prevention education of primary school students, enhance the students awareness of fraud prevention, tell the children to play the game, if the game of strangers, teach some methods of operation, no matter what is your excuse, don’t let the children believe. In addition, the binding of bank cards, do not save a lot of money, save a few hundred dollars can be spared. Also, in life, in the mobile phone receiving an SMS with a link, the best immediately removed, to prevent children playing mobile phone, accidentally click on your mobile phone, to avoid being implanted Trojan, avoid your mobile phone online banking login information is stolen.相关的主题文章:

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