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Eat black rice controlled blood pressure anti aging   teach you to buy skills — Shaanxi channel — original title: eat rice controlled blood pressure anti-aging teach you buy skills commonly used in black rice porridge, which is one of the most nutritious food. So, in addition to the outside will have black rice porridge to eat what? What are the efficacy and effect of black rice? Here is for everyone to introduce the relevant knowledge of specific small black rice. The nutritional value of black rice aging, prevent arteriosclerosis. The black skin layer containing anthocyanin pigment, the pigment itself has very strong anti-aging effect. The domestic and foreign research shows that the deeper the color of M, then the anti-aging effects of skin pigment is stronger, the role of black rice pigment is the strongest in a variety of colors M. In addition, this pigment is also rich in flavonoids active substances, is 5 times as much rice, has a significant effect on the prevention of arteriosclerosis. Hypoglycemia. Black rice contains more dietary fiber, starch digestion rate is slow, the glycemic index is only 55 (white Steamed Rice 87), therefore, volatility eat black rice is not like to eat rice as caused by blood sugar. Control of blood pressure, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Black rice in potassium, magnesium and other minerals also help control blood pressure, reduce the risk of suffering from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes and cardiovascular disease can be the edible black rice as part of a diet nursed back to health. The simple black rice eat Sydney glutinous rice fragrant material: black rice glutinous rice 25G, 75G. Specifically: black white glutinous rice soaked for 24 hours, for 4-5 hours. Hybrid rice, add rice water ratio and water 1:1. Microwave high fire to simmer for 4 minutes, 3 minutes in the microwave with fire, smell very sweet taste that, without opening the cover, and continue to simmer for 15 minutes, fragrant, cooked, remove the back, a small bowl, around the brush on a small amount of salad oil, put on the bottom of jujube, walnut, medlar each one. Around on the cut the film into a black and white glutinous rice bowl with Sydney, or cover with plastic wrap and leave holes, heat in microwave for 4 minutes, pour out the tray can be eaten, such as sweet love can mix the right amount of sugar, fresh flavor of love, without sugar, microwave time 11 minutes. Mantou with Black Rice raw materials: black beans, black rice (3:1 ratio) practices: wash the black beans and rice, soaked in water for 8 hours, with a Soybean Milk Soybean Milk machine. When the black syndrome using fully automatic machine to Soybean Milk meters can not put too much, otherwise easy to paste. This is a by-product, made of bean dregs filtered the Steamed Buns. Finally, teach you how to buy rice. Black tips to buy see the color and appearance of black rice. General black luster, uniform grain size, little broken, crack (crack on a grain of rice), no insects, no impurity. Time quality and inferior black color bleak, uneven grain size, plumpness, broken rice, worm, caking etc.. For the dyeing of black rice and black rice as black concentrated in the cortex, the endosperm is still white, so that consumers can be a grain of rice outside the cortex all scrape, observe whether the rice is white, it is white, it is likely to be artificially dyed black rice. ) 多吃黑米可控血压抗衰老 教你选购技巧–陕西频道–人民网 原标题:多吃黑米可控血压抗衰老 教你选购技巧   黑米通常用于煲粥,这是一种极有营养价值的食物。那么,黑米除了可以煲粥以外还会有哪些吃法呢?黑米的功效和作用又有哪些呢?下面就来为大家具体介绍介绍黑米的相关小常识吧。   黑米的营养价值   抗衰老、预防动脉硬化。黑米外皮层中含有花青素类色素,这种色素本身具有很强的抗衰老作用。国内外研究表明,米的颜色越深,则表皮色素的抗衰老效果越强,黑米色素的作用在各种颜色的米中是最强的。此外,这种色素中还富含黄酮活性物质,是白米的5倍之多,对预防动脉硬化有很大的作用。   低血糖。黑米中含膳食纤维较多,淀粉消化速度比较慢,血糖指数仅有55(白米饭为87),因此,吃黑米不会像吃白米那样造成血糖的剧烈波动。   控制血压、减少患心脑血管疾病。黑米中的钾、镁等矿物质还有利于控制血压、减少患心脑血管疾病的风险,所以,糖尿病人和心血管疾病患者可以把食用黑米作为膳食调养的一部分。   黑米的简单吃法   雪梨糯米香饭   原料:黑米25G,糯米75G。   具体做法:黑米浸泡24小时,白糯米浸泡4-5小时。混合米粒,加入米水比例1:1的水。微波高火加盖煮4分钟,改用微波中火加盖3分钟,闻到很香的味道传出,不开盖,继续焖15分钟,香透,熟透,取出备用,取小碗一只,四周刷上少量色拉油,底部放上黑枣,核桃仁,枸杞各一粒。四周放上切好的雪梨片装入黑白糯米碗加盖,或是用保鲜膜盖住,留小孔,微波中火加热4分钟,倒出盘内即可食用,如喜欢甜食者可以拌入适量糖,食爱原味,没有加糖,微波耗时11分钟。   黑米馒头   原料:黑豆、黑米(比例为3:1)   做法:黑豆和黑米洗净,清水浸泡8小时以上,用豆浆机打成豆浆。使用全自动豆浆机的时黑米候要注意米不能放太多,否则容易糊。这是副产品,用滤出的豆渣做成的馒头。   最后,教教大家如何选购黑米吧。   黑米的选购技巧   看黑米的色泽和外观。一般黑米有光泽,米粒大小均匀,很少有碎米、爆腰(米粒上有裂纹),无虫,不含杂质。次质、劣质黑米的色泽暗淡,米粒大小不匀,饱满度差,碎米多,有虫,有结块等。对于染色黑米,由于黑米的黑色集中在皮层,胚乳仍为白色,因此,消费者可以将米粒外面皮层全部刮掉,观察米粒是否呈白色,若是呈白色,则极有可能是人为染色的黑米。   闻黑米的气味。手中取少量黑米,向黑米哈一口热气,然后立即嗅气味。优质黑米具有正常的清香味,无其他异味。微有异味或有霉变气味、酸臭味、腐败味和不正常的气味的为次质、劣质黑米。   以上就是关于黑米的介绍,希望对你有所帮助。 (责编:任志慧、王丽)相关的主题文章:

Typhoon Qianjiang tide help potential over 120 thousand people greeted the salt tide – Beijing, the

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Typhoon Qianjiang tide help potential over 120 thousand people greeted the "salt tide – Beijing, the best in all the land" wind tide, tide wind Chung, accompanied by the roar of the river, surging tide vividly in front of. He Jiangyong photo Haining, September, 18 (by Hu Fengsheng), in the year of the wave of the world, the world is not in the world, the eighteen wave of." About 12:49 on September 18th, Zhejiang Haining Yanguan scenic area, surging crowds. In typhoon help, known as "the best in all the land" the tide of tide rushing to Haining. The 18 day at 12 noon, reporters at the scene, Yanguan tide Resort Park the edge of the dam has been full tide of people. 12:40, "!" A tourist saw a white line between the sky and the crowd cheers appear. Wind tide, wind, tide 12:49 Yong, accompanied by the roar of the river, surging tide vividly in front of. "Never seen such a big wave, like an army Ten thousand steeds gallop. the same feeling, a worthwhile trip!" The tide of great momentum "Qiantang River Wuthering" to tide up to 2.18 meters, chasing after Liu Yanjie trendsetter witnessed the "wonders of the world first cross the river" the issue of emotion. Known as "the best in all the land" the tide of Qiantang River tide, also known as Haining tide, the highest tide of up to 3.7 meters, range up to 8 to 9 meters, is one of the natural wonders of the world. A poem praised it as "the joray Qian Tang wave waves as boundless as the sea and sky, since the day". Then, in August eighteen the biggest argument why? The reporter understands, because around the 18th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, the sun, the moon, the earth is almost in a straight line, so this day, the largest water by gravitational tides, the best time is often watch Qiantang River tide. "Surf, roaring waves, feeling very spectacular!" The majestic momentum for Ji’nan tourists marveled at Hao Qingchang. Haining tide will attract many visitors each year tide, visitors are more concentrated in the flood tide during the lunar new year in mid August, will remain in the memory of Qiantang River tides. "This year we ushered in a tidal bore festival history the most lively, more than 100 thousand people, up to two meters high tide three year Guanchao Festival, the higher the day." Xia Guoping, director of the Haining salt Scenic Area Management Committee, told reporters that the day of the 18th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, Zhejiang, Haining, a total of more than 120 thousand people in the scenic area of tourists, more than 9600 vehicles. (end)相关的主题文章:

The homeless woman occupies 100 square meters of green belt up sanshiyiting

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The homeless woman occupies 100 square meters of green belt up Sanshiyiting ^ in the green belt, put up a homeless woman Sanshiyiting, quilt cook live. In the Hot Springs Road up river, a green belt in the north near the railing, a 49 year old woman Lee is peeling apples to eat. In the green belt, she took a place about more than and 100 square meters, with the rubbish put up the house, she called it "sanshiyiting". The night of October 31st, the rescue station staff to send her to find a circle near the quilt, did not see her shadow. "Two years ago there who don’t know why she was here for – picking up trash, she almost burned inside. Now she is very nervous, sometimes come back late at night." Rescue station staff said. The tramp is sorting things. 1, the reporter saw, because picked up many things, Li Mouzhen put the green belt as a "home" to the layout, sleeping place nets covered outside hung two calendar. Cooking places there are also several bowls and picked up the doll. There is a "room", but also placed a sofa. Lee wearing several layers of clothes, his feet are also wearing a pair of shoes to pick up the Nike. "The man looked ill, sometimes at night pronouncing the mouth on scary. We don’t dare to get out of here at night. Originally by the side of the river, in the summer of love to take a step, but this place has been no one dare to go." Residents living in the vicinity of Ms. Zhou said. "She picked up the doll neatly placed in what things, sometimes at night in the past, the flashlight on a jump, can be terrifying." Living in the vicinity of the public Zhang said. On the other side of the road is the homeless woman’s "kitchen", but also by a bike. Sanyou community staff, the homeless woman, they are helpless. She is in the green belt for more than five years, sometimes the community put away her, clearing things away, but 35 days she was able to pile up a lot. Community clean-up has been a lot of times, but basically no effect. It is understood that the woman is Taishan province Zhuang people, the reporter contacted her domicile village. She was also a headache to the village committee staff. The staff, the woman had intermittent mental illness, there is a house. Every time her back at home for two days, she will choose in one night and then back to the city secretly. "Our village to cotton quilts, sometimes give money, but she was not."相关的主题文章:

Li Xuyi hijacked the car is more like a statement huangshexiaoshuo

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Li Xuyi hijacked truck is more like the expression of view original title: Li Xuyi hijacked truck is more like the expression of ideas of the author: Song Zhibiao     source: Liaoning news comment truck robbery is extremely strange, at this time, a dramatic reversal occurred. NetEase disclosure, September 7th Yingkou Dashiqiao Armored Car Robbery Li Xuyi, was revealed to millions of low-income housing projects in arrears, 4 years failed to discuss. This turning lighten our dislike for Li Xuyi, even make people sympathize with him. It is this robbery from beginning to end, completely anti professional operation. Li Xuyi is using a fake gun, hijacked the car did not run away, but the depth of residential quarters, the money to the brothers. Brother alarm, the police quickly caught Li Xuyi. With the capture of people, the amount of robbery from the original 35 million to become the 6 million. Some people say Li Xuyi is a wonderful world of robbers. With the progress of new causal facts, the armored car hijacking case: take on an altogether new aspect local debt crisis the fiscal burden, the government defaulted contractor works, caused Li Xuyi’s personal debt crisis, leading to its default limit, the government arranged a cash transport work, the play staged bank robbery. Reality provides the magic realism story, really let people sigh. The robbery plot evolution to this step, who made the armored car robbery case, also called a man hesitated. Li Xuyi’s behavior did not bring substantial social harm, a lot of people sympathize with his experience, and morally forgive his choice, but also reasonable. It is a problem, this is like making debt pressure of public opinion "robbery" decide on what path to follow? Before Li Xuyi failed to disclose the personal circumstances, public opinion was confused by the camp mouth robbery. A truck is just hijacked, an announcement that is lost is 35 million, as many as four armored personnel involved; however, when the case solved, they said is lost 6 million. And let this deep routines bankruptcy, it is Li Xuyi himself. Playback story, Li Xuyi did not look like a robber is more. He made money on the armored car, the next is the doings rather deliberate. He did not escape hiding, but in the city is deliberately whereabouts, or even a hint of brother alarm, do the surface against even the basic accomplishment of the primary, the robber up wondering, like a good. Li Xuyi economic background is revealed, a reasonable inference is that he hijacked the armored car is to express their views, causing public concern, and not really robbing. He is four years for projects are defeated by the government, the deep financial crisis, close to bankruptcy of the doomed eternally. He said by the armored car used to put pressure on government by the very means to discuss the fiscal balance, logic stand. Similar to the inherent demands of crime, appear more than securicar at Camp mouth hijacking case, also appeared in other places. For example, the contractor to pay talks, after experiencing numerous prevarication, tired of life frustration, instead of revenge on society approach to their own justice. Li Xuyi starred in this time, just making trouble, the result is quite restrained Hao相关的主题文章:

Jeep free man discount of 5500 yuan shop is now ample car

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Jeep free man discount of 5500 yuan in the shop car charging based on market promotion time: 2016.11.10-2016.12.5 2016 Jeep free man 1.4T smart version of Phoenix Automotive News: Recently, Phoenix car price information learned from the regional editor Jeep dealers in Guangzhou, the store is currently free man models there are a lot of cars in the sale, the main color to the store in the sale. Car can offer 5 thousand and 500 yuan. Interested in this car friends may wish to pay more attention to. Please see the table below: free man latest price changes quotation unit: million yuan model guidance price preferential rate of inventory situation 2016 1.4T manual version 13.48 12.93 energy 0.55 cars are plentiful inquiry 2016 1.4T automatic version 14.18 13.63 energy 0.55 cars are plentiful inquiry 2016 1.4T automatic high edition 14.98 14.43 inquiry 0.55 cars are plentiful 2016 1.4T automatic version 15.88 15.33 0.55 Jin can inquiry sufficient car 2016 1.4T automatic energizer Edition + 16.68 16.13 inquiry 0.55 cars are plentiful 2016 1.4T automatic version 17.88 17.33 0.55 no car inquiry 2016 2.0L full automatic four-wheel drive version of the 19.28 18.73 to 0.55 cars are plentiful inquiry 2016 2.0L automatic four-wheel drive 75 anniversary tribute edition 20.28 20.08 inquiry 0.20 no car more concessions please contact the dealer free consultation telephone: 02022308989201 In November 9th 6 market tab: Phoenix car 2016 Jeep free man 1.4T intelligent version of the financial policy of insurance, priced at 141 thousand and 800 to 2016 1.4T kinetic energy version + vehicle for example, the first car insurance costs 6200 yuan. According to the calculation of loans, the benchmark interest rate 30% down payment period of three years, Shoufu 63 thousand yuan (including cars, licensing, insurance, purchase tax and security etc.), for the month of 2750 yuan. Specific costs based on models to store accounting prevail. Maintenance costs: Jeep free man enjoy three years or 100 thousand km vehicle warranty. Regular maintenance cycle for every 5000 km to replace oil, machine filter, the cost of about 300 yuan. Replace the oil filter costs about 500 yuan, the maintenance fee is only as a reference, because of differences in different maintenance materials will cause maintenance costs. Specific costs according to different models in order to store accounting prevail. The free man vehicle maintenance insurance information table information maintenance warranty period of three years or 100 thousand km maintenance cycle 5000 kilometers replace the oil filter costs about $300 to replace the oil filter costs about 500 yuan loan insurance)相关的主题文章: